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Maimun Palace, in some cases additionally called Putri Hijau castle, a royal residence of the kingdom of enormity Deli. The royal residence is ruled by yellow, the shade of the significance of the Malay kingdoms. Development of the royal residence was finished on August 25, 1888 AD, amid the rule of Sultan Ma'mun al-Rashid Perkasa Alam. Sultan Ma'mun was the eldest child of Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam, author of the city of Medan.

Since 1946, the royal residence was possessed by the beneficiaries of the Sultanate of Deli. In specific times, this castle is frequently held exhibitions of customary Malay music. More often than not, exhibitions are held with a specific end goal to breath life into the delight of weddings and different occasions. What's more, twice every year, the Sultan of Deli regularly held a more distant family relationship between the castle. On every night of Friday, the group of the sultan held an indigenous rawatib (sort wiridan gang).

For the guests who go to the castle, they could in any case see the accumulations in plain view in the meeting room, for example, family photos sultan, family furniture old Dutch, and different sorts of weapons. Here, as well, there is a stump gun which has its own legend. Medan individuals call this gun as gun handles.


Butts gun story is connected to Putri Hijau. Described, in the Eastern Empire Kingdom, there carried on a delightful princess, named Putri Hijau. He called such, in light of the fact that the body transmits green shading. He has two siblings, to be specific Mambang Yasid and Mambang whimsical. Sometime in the distant past, there came the King of Aceh propose Putri Hijau, in any case, this proposition was rejected by both his sibling. Aceh lord got to be irate and assaulted the Eastern Empire Kingdom. Raja Aceh vanquished Mambang Yasid. At the point when the armed force was going to enter the castle Aceh seizing Princess Green, sudden supernatural occurrence, Mambang anecdotal abruptly transformed into a gun and shot aimlessly without halting. Because of constant discharging slugs toward Aceh powers, then the firearm was split in two. The front was found in the zone Surbakti, in the Karo good countries, close Kabanjahe. While the back was tossed to Labuhan Deli, then exchanged to the page Maimun Palace.

Consistently, the castle is interested in the general population, unless there is holding an exceptional service.

2. Area

The royal residence is situated in the road Brigadier General Katamso, Talbot town, subdistrict of Medan Maimun, Medan, North Sumatra.

3. Size

Extensive royal residence around 2,772 m, with a yard which covers 4 hectares. The length of the front in reverse came to 75.50 m. furthermore, constructing stature came to 14.14 m. Two-story royal residence building, bolstered by wooden columns and stone

Each evening, for the most part a great deal of youngsters who play in the roomy patio.

4. Building design

Building construction modeling is a blend between the components of Moghul structural engineering, the Middle East, Spain, India, the Netherlands and Indonesia. Dutch compositional impact shows up as entryways and windows are wide and high. However, there are a few entryways that demonstrate the impact of Spain. Islam takes a gander at the impact of the presence of the curve (arcade) on the rooftop. The curve stature running from 5 to 8 meters. The curve shape is exceptionally well known in the Middle East, India and Turkey.

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Royal residence building comprises of three primary corridor, to be specific: the fundamental building, conservative and left wing. The principle building called the Hall with a zone of ​​412 m2, which is the illustrious throne. Imperial throne utilized as a part of specific occasions, for example, the royal celebration of the lord, or while getting the love of the regal family in the times of enormous Islam.Di the building additionally contained a huge precious stone light fixture European style.

Inside the royal residence there are 30 rooms, with a remarkable inside outline, a mix of craftsmanship from diverse nations. All things considered, the royal residence neglecting the east it would appear that the royal residence of the Moghul rulers.

5. Organizers

There are a few conclusions with reference to who the genuine originator of this castle. A few sources specify a draftsman originator Italian nationality, however did not know his name without a doubt. Another source, the visit guide on obligation at the royal residence, uncovers that the modeler was a Dutch lieutenant named TH Van Erp.

6. Remodel

The castle was inspired less all around kept up, maybe, this is because of the absence of cost-claimed by the sultan. Amid this time, the expense of treatment is extremely subject to the gifts of guests. To seem more delightful, it ought to be done the redesign, obviously with the assistance of the considerable number of gatherings worried with the destiny of the country's social leg.
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